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Content Marketing: New Strategies that Create Real-World Results

September 12th, 2014 by Joe Square

Harley Orion executive producer and principal at L7 CreativeWe’re proud to announce that our Executive Producer and Principal Harley Orion will be speaking at a workshop on Content Marketing hosted by CONNECT.

We would love to see you there to learn the latest on content marketing and how to leverage it to your advantage. For any of our clients or friends who are interested in attending, please email us at info@l7creative.com and we will provide you with a code for discounted registration.


Tuesday, Sept. 23 from 8:00 a.m – 9:30 a.m.


UCSD Extension

Register Here

About the Event:

Marketing budgets have never been stretched so thin. At the same time, accountability for results has never been higher. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, as a marketer you’re expected to show that your efforts drive sales that contribute to the bottom line.

Content marketing is a top trend in marketing today, and for good reason: it offers new strategies, tactics and tools that create more results with fewer resources, while developing deeper connections with customers.

By creating and distributing valuable content, companies attract an engaged audience and develop thought leadership and trust. This relationship is proven to improve conversions, shorten sales timelines, and deliver a more attractive ROI than traditional channels. For example, a recent study found that content marketing delivered three times the leads per dollar vs. traditional advertising (source: DemandMetric).

In this workshop, three top San Diego content marketers will share their strategies and techniques, and provide guidance on how to optimize your content marketing efforts for maximum results.

Harley Orion, Executive Producer at L7 Creative, will discuss “digital brand engagement.”  How leading brands develop a marketing ecosystem with numerous touchpoints, each of which ultimately contributes to brand value and sales–and how to accurately measure performance in this new paradigm.

Brent Altomare, Executive Producer at Groovy Like a Movie will share real-world case studies on clients utilizing video-based content marketing, including metrics on audience engagement, reach, and ROI.

Anna Crowe, Account Supervisor at Formula PR will discuss why PR matters now more than ever, and how to leverage content across communication platforms for maximum value.


by Joe Square

What’s Trending on Twitter?

August 26th, 2014 by Joe Square

It’s no secret that Facebook uses an algorithm to prioritize content in its user’s newsfeeds. Based on social context and other factors, the algorithm decides what users do and do not see.

Twitter on the other hand, used a simpler approach for its timeline. Posts on a user’s timeline were displayed in chronological order, and it strictly showed only content from people that users follow.

Fast forward to last week, and Twitter has debuted some changes to the mobile timeline, all the while being very cautious not to use the word algorithm.


Twitter Timeline changes

Enter timeline changes.

In a post from Twitter titled, “What’s a Twitter timeline?” They spell out what will now appear on a timeline:

1. Tweets from people you’ve chosen to follow

2. Promoted Tweets or Retweets

3. Other tweets or users that Twitter thinks is relevant to you selected based on popularity and interaction.

Number three is new to the mobile timeline, to which Twitter says, ”Our goal is to make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting.” They plan to do that by allowing tweets that seem relevant to your interests based on followers etc, to populate into your timeline, regardless of whether you follow them or not.

We have to admit, having some kind of activity feed of people you’re following in timeline could go a long way for engagement on Twitter in the mobile realm – if users are accepting (so far Twitter users are not happy with the changes). In an article for AdAge, Mark Bergen reveals an interesting correlation between ad revenue and timeline views for monthly average users as shown below.

twitter engagement vs ad revenue

As ad revenue increases, timeline views and presumably interactions are trending downward. It appears that this is a strategic pivot by Twitter to increase engagement and influence the current trend of declining timeline views by attempting to give users more engaging and relevant content.

Potential for Growth

On one hand, Twitter has said that it won’t rule out branded content coming into user’s timelines through popularity and engagement. This could be an opportunity for brands to take advantage of the changes. Lee Maicon, senior VP-strategy at 360i says, “The changes provide an opportunity for earned media campaigns, like those involving promotional deals with celebrities or other popular Twitter users.” If a brand could use a celebrity endorser to create viral content by capitalizing on these new timeline changes (beyond the celebrity’s follower base), there’s a great potential for success organically.

The Other Side of the Coin

“If Twitter can add content to the feeds, it can take it away,” says Bergen. Meaning, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Twitter was limiting the organic reach of its posts.

Back in March in a post titled “Fighting for NewsFeed Real Estate,” we wrote about how the changes to Facebook’s Algorithm are seriously affecting a brand’s capability to get their organic content seen by their followers. It’s no great leap of logic that Twitter could do the same thing here by reducing the percentage of timelines branded content shows up in, forcing them to purchase an ad product for increased visibility. Theoretically, Facebook has laid out an actionable course for Twitter to mimic straight to higher ad revenue, should they chose to follow along.

What do you think of this approach, should brands have to pay to play on social media? Do you think Twitter will follow Facebook’s lead?

by Joe Square

“Fin”-tastic Marketing

August 14th, 2014 by Joe Square

Riding the Shark Week Wave.

This week marks the 27th anniversary of Shark Week for the Discovery Channel.  And if there’s one thing that’s certain about Shark Week, it’s that it creates a blitz of social media coverage that leave brands wondering how they can get in on that action. A few smart marketers know the power of this presence and have figured out how to leverage the buzz to their own benefit.

shark week advertising


1. Travelocity

travelocity shark week campaigntravelocity shark week marketing

For some reason we find ourselves avoiding the ocean for at least a month every time Shark Week comes around. Thanks to Travelocity, it may be even longer! Travelocity is running a campaign called “shark tracker”… and it is as scary as you think (that is, if you live near the ocean).  Travelocity has created a microsite that tracks shark sightings, where you can use your zip code to find out exactly how far away you are from shark infested waters.

We punched in our zip code and a shark was spotted only one mile away. The brand ties their messaging together with a “Take me there” option that provides travel information for the selected city. Pretty clever way to promote your travel service and feed on the Shark Week frenzy if you ask us.

2. Lush Cosmetics

lush cosmetics shark week advertising

Lush Cosmetics isn’t scared of sharks, they are using Shark Week as a way to raise awareness about “finning” (a hunting practice that has tragically reduced the shark population by 90%). Lush is selling soap that resembles a shark, with a little fin attached to the top of each bar. The product and partnership with Discovery aids Lush in raising awareness in their stores, and enforces to PSA’s that will be running at various times during Shark Week. They’re making huge strides against cruelty by promoting their “Together we will change the tide for sharks” through sales of their soap and social media outreach urging followers to join the#finfree movement.

Way to go Lush, we love it when marketing coincides with a good cause!

3. Cold Stone Creamery

coldstone marketing collaboration

Probably the most delicious Shark Week marketing collaboration comes from Cold Stone Creamery. Cold Stone is dishing out “sharky” ice cream creations all week long for their yearly Shark Week Frenzy. These creations come complete with colorful gummy sharks and graham cracker crumb sand.

4. Dunkin’ Donuts

dunkin donuts shark week marketing

Last, but not least, Dunkin Donuts has created a special Shark Week donut. Who could resist a deliciously fried confection that resembles a lifesaver? But Dunkin’s support for Shark Week doesn’t stop there, this year they’ve gone for full blown sponsorship promoting “Shark Week runs on Dunkin’ as alternative to their usual “America runs on Dunkin.’ They’ve even revised their logo in some usages to show a shark bite missing.

dunkin donuts shark week logo

They’ve built a unique campaign microsite and are hosting a contest where customers can snap a picture of themselves taking a bite out of their favorite breakfast for an assortment of prizes.

These are great examples of marketers who are willing to think outside of the box and take a socially engaging and relevant approach to their advertising. When it comes to marketing, you can bet that if you’re not seizing opportunities, your marketing will not have the kind of reach and virility that really gets people talking.

We hope you’re enjoying your Shark Week to the fullest by eating a lifesaver donut, shark frenzy ice cream, and even washing up with some shark fin soap after a nice dip in the ocean (not). And don’t miss your chance to encounter a real shark with Travelocity’s “Shark Tracker”!

Happy Shark Week!

by Joe Square