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Don’t Launch a Campaign Without This Key Strategy

January 30th, 2015 by blockhead

Let’s face it. Everyone loves to criticize Super Bowl ad creative, timing, and impressions, but we rarely hear about the most important aspect of marketing that must be discussed for all successful ad campaigns. A data collection strategy.

Ultimately, no matter how cute the puppy in your ad is, or how clever, your campaign is only as good as the data you can pull from it. The next step to determine success is then data attribution. Without attribution and filling the gaps in your digital lead funnels, how will you prove to your boss that your latest campaign improved sales or delivered leads?

Check out what influencer Jeremy Cornfeldt has to say on this subject with regard to Super Bowl advertising: http://bit.ly/1BA5DEA

The cycle of collecting data

The cycle of collecting data

by blockhead

Content Marketing Strategy: Get Published on Influential Sites

January 29th, 2015 by blockhead

We know content marketing is an important strategy, but it’s a large category that can be overwhelming when just getting started. Where do I start? How do I develop good content? This article shares 6 strategies on how to get your content published by influential sites to help further your marketing initiatives: http://bit.ly/1yB1CSU

top five reasons guest content is declined

Top five reasons guest content is declined

by blockhead

How to watch, or not watch, Super Bowl XLIX

January 28th, 2015 by blockhead

There are plenty of viewing options for consuming TV programs, but which is best for this weekend’s Super Bowl XLIX? Check out this handy flow chart by AdWeek to find the best way for you to watch, or not watch, Super Bowl XLIX this weekend: http://bit.ly/1Dai6Rx


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